about us


We've played together a lot in other acts!! It only made sense for the three of us to come together and form a band of our own!!

All three of us had played shows together in the Riley Parkhurst Project (we thought about calling the band "Where's Riley"). Dan and Rafe play together in Generations and in duo shows. Kenny and Dan have played together in The Dean Machine.

We all like the same kind of music. So it was probably inevitable that the three of us would come together to start a band.


aka: Dan

Dan Parkhurst currently plays drums in two other bands in addition to DRKSIDE. He also plays solo shows on guitar and in a guitar duo with his daughter Riley and another guitar duo with Rafe.



aka: Rafe

Rafe Matregrano is probably the most versatile musician in Northern New Hampshire as he plays guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. He currently performs in multiple other bands and performs as a solo artist and in two duo acts.


aka: Kenny

Kenny Oakes is a well-known musician who has played venues in Northern New Hampshire for more than 20 years, including many years in The Dean Machine. Kenny currently plays bass guitar in another band and performs on acoustic guitar as a solo artist.